We believe that the digital infrastructures that we rely on for our every day lives should be build for us all and with us all. This includes software, data, artificial intelligences and robots. One way to achieve this goal is through the creation, growth and protection of our digital commons.

What governance models, rights and infrastructures do we need to democratically govern the digital commons at relevant scales? How can we bring those models about?

Digital Commoners aims to bring together practioners, technologists, legal professionals and academics working on this problem, as well as the many communities seeking to gain control over digital resources (including data).

Through events, conversations and knowledge sharing we hope to foster collaborations between these overlapping group, as we together learn to create and adopt alternative models to govern digital infrastructures.

Upcoming Events

[Reading Group]
Community Data Governance

October 2020, online

Together with the Aapti Institute, we are hosting a reading group that will explore how communities can come together to govern data about themselves and their environment. How do we define digital communities? How do they define themselves? What rights and permissions do they need to safely govern data? How are decisions made and enforced?

The reading group brings together knowledge from practitioners, communities and academics. Every month we collaboratively select a few readings that we'll discuss during a 1.5 hour zoom call. You can choose to participate in individual sessions or join them all! It's up to you!