WG Evaluating the Digital Commons

April 01, 2021

Together with the Ostrom Workshop we are organising a working group to create a light-weight framework for the evaluation of digital commons.

Outside the walls of Big Tech, technologists, legal professionals and commoners are busy developing alternative governance structures that allow our digital infrastructure (e.g. servers, software, data) to be governed democratically and their value to benefit our communities, not investors.

To spur the development of these initiatives we need good ways to evaluate them: what does success look like in the context of a digital commons? What are the conditions for success? What can we learn from the experiences of existing digital commons and how could this learning be applied elsewhere?

Over the course of this working group we aim to understand how we could use Ostrom’s design principles for this purpose. And relatedly, how we might operationalise these principles as a simple set of questions that would allow practitioners and academics alike to continuously evaluate the various initiatives and propagate learnings through the broader ecosystem.

Facilitated By: Ostrom Fellow Anouk Ruhaak Mozilla Fellow in Residence and Founder of Digital Commoners

DATES: The Workshop series will specifically focus on answering key questions in the area of digital commons governance. The workshop will be held over three days: APRIL 1, 15 and 29th and will occur from 12:00-13:30 (est) via zoom.

Interested? Let us know how these questions relate to your field of expertise or practice and why you’re interested in participating! No need to write a book, but a few lines would be greatly appreciated!

Photo by Anh Vy on Unsplash