WG governance design

May 01, 2021

We will soon start a working group for practioners in the early stages of designing a governance model for their data or digital commons (these include cooperatives, trusts and other organisational structure).

Many groups around the world are experimenting with new forms of data governance. But how do we get started? How do communities and organisations go from zero to a full-fledged data governance design? Do we involve community members from the beginning? And how do we frame the questions and problems that need to be addressed by the governance system in a way that they are accessible to a broad audience?

These are some of the questions that come up in the early days of data governance design. This working group aims to help practitioners find answers together and allow others to learn from their experience.

Format and output:

  • The group will meet every month to discuss goals, experiences, obstacles and open questions. In addition, we can help participants to connect to experts in the field or host clinics where needed.
  • Based on the conversations in the group, we will write up key observations and learnings to inform the next generation of data governance designers.

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash